24/7 Emergency Contact (Police/Fire Only) Travis County Search & Rescue Travis County Search & Rescue


24/7 Emergency Contact Pager
(Police/Fire Use Only)

Emergency Contact Number as Image

  • When you call our 24-hour Emergency pager, you may expect a return phone call from the Chief of Operations, Search Manager or Dispatcher within 15 minutes.
  • To get TCSAR up to speed quickly on the Missing Person request, you may be asked for information such as: (NOTE: this information is not required in full to initiate a search response from us)
    • Who is your primary contact person and what is their call back number?
    • Who is your agency dispatch contact person and what is their call back number?
    • What is the location where the subject was last seen and location for rendezvous with agency contact?
    • Brief missing person profile (age, gender, race, clothing, lost since when, status of medical or mental condition, known habits)
    • Please be able to detail if the search area will be considered a high risk environment for responding units.
    • Will Law Enforcement be able to provide detailed maps of the last known position of the victim and of the search area?

Specific Contacts

Fire/EMS Liaison - Casey England, Operations Chief - casey.england@tcsar.org
Law Enforcement Liaison - Scott Serafin, Assistant Operations Chief - scott.serafin@tcsar.org
Sponsorships - Kim Ray, President - kim.ray@tcsar.org

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Mailing Address

Travis County Search and Rescue
3310 W Braker Lane, Suite 300, #453
Austin, Texas 78758